Parents can often be quite anxious when it comes to arranging the Baptism of their child but there is really no need for worry please just contact the parish priest and we will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss the arrangements. 

During the lead up to the baptism of your child you will be invited to attend a Baptism Preparation Course, these take place on the first Thursday of every month at St. Thomas’ Church following the 7pm Mass. This meeting is designed to help deepen your own faith but also prepare you for the Baptism of your child.  

It is customary for parent to select either a Godfather or a Godmother for their child. The godparent should be 16 or over and a practising Catholic who has been confirmed and made their first holy communion. Baptised Christians of other Churches can be witnesses in addition to the Catholic godparent. If you cannot find a suitable godparent yourself, the parish priest can nominate someone. 

Baptisms are recorded in a register kept in the Parish, and you will be issued with a certificate which is a copy of this entry. You or your child can obtain a copy of this certificate at any time, by contacting the Parish.

First Confession, First Communion & Confirmation

The preparation of these Sacraments will be carried out whilst your child is at Primary School with the assistance of the Parish Clergy.

These Sacraments typically take place in Primaries 3, 4, 6 and 7.

If for some reason your child does not attend our local Primary School of. St. Thomas’ please get in touch with a member of the Parish Clergy, who will support you in any way they can.


Preparing for a wedding is exciting for any couple and we look forward to accompanying you during this process. Once you have a proposed date for your wedding please do get in touch with us so that we can fill out the necessary paperwork and help you start planning for your special day.
To prepare for the celebration of your marriage it will be a requirement that you take part in a marriage preparation course, please follow the link to arrange a slot on the course.

For the celebration of your Marriage you will have to select two readings typically this is one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament you can find the suggested readings by clicking the link below.

Holy Orders

If you are considering a vocation to the Priesthood or the religious life, please get in touch with the parish priest on or

Failing that you can get in touch with the Diocesan Vocation Director at :-

Sacrament of the Sick

If you or someone you know requires the Sacrament of Sick please get in touch with Fr. Krzysztof on 01698 351921.

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